Actions Pledge Form

Climate Change Actions Pledge

I recognise the urgency of climate change and agree to take a lead role by cutting my own greenhouse emissions. I commit to the following personal actions (tick boxes as appropriate)

  1. STOP or drastically reduce my air travel
    ( A return flight from the UK to Los Angeles contributes per person the greenhouse equivalent of driving a family car 12,000 miles )
  2. Reorganise my life so I can either live without owning a car or significantly cut my car mileage
  3. Write to my local Councillors, MP and the PM about my climate change concerns before the end of March. (Elections are on 5th May)
  4. Sign the Key Climate Petitions on line
  5. Support climate change demonstrations and campaigns
  6. Replace domestic lighting with low-energy bulbs and turn the thermostat down 1 or 2 degrees
  7. Commit to purchasing 80% locally grown food
    (To reduce food miles)
  8. Sponsor the purchase of threatened rainforest for 25/acre with Rainforest Concern
  9. Teach a child (if you're a child, teach an adult!) about the threat of Global Warming and respond where possible to his/her ideas
  10. Talk to three friends who are not so aware of the threat of climate change and encourage them to take action
  11. Create a " Green Group" at my workplace/college/school to promote awareness and action
  12. Assess my Carbon Footprint
  13. Visit www.actionearth.org and inform myself of the facts and actions needed to control Global Warming, whilst linking up to a host of organisations who are making change happen.