Take The Actions Pledge

"The point of no return may be reached in 10 years leading to droughts, agricultural failure and water shortages"
The Independent, cover story 24 January 05

The Key Question is...

"How can I modify my lifestyle to bring my CO2 emissions to a climate-sustainable level?"

Actions Pledge

  1. Calculate my Carbon Footprint
  2. Reduce my Car Travel and/or consider lower-impact car options
  3. Reduce my Air Travel
  4. Reduce my electricity and Domestic Energy Consumption
  5. Buy a high proportion of locally produced food to reduce Food Miles
  6. Use Ethical Business Services
  7. Sponsor the acquisition of threatened rainforest for 25/acre with Rainforest Concern
  8. Teach a child (or if you're a child teach an adult!) about how fuel consumption increases Global Warming. Respond to their ideas where possible
  9. Speak to family, friends, colleagues and the community about the threat of Global Warming and the need for individual and collective action.
  10. Start a Green Group at my place of work / college / school to promote awareness and action
  11. Sign the Key Petitions on line
  12. Write to my Local Councillors and MP about the need for urgent action on climate change.
  13. Change my electricity supplier to one that provides Renewable Energy
  14. Support other Key Campaigns to protect the environment

Your actions make a significant difference measurable in tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.