Melting Icebergs

Know the Climate Change Facts

A 2C° rise in temperature is considered to be the TIPPING POINT. Beyond 2C° a breakdown in the Earth's natural systems will result in runaway global warming. At this point even our best efforts to reduce CO2 will be meaningless.

Climate Change Facts

  • The Earth has warmed by 0.7C° since the start of the industrial revolution in 1750.
  • There is enough greenhouse gas already in the atmosphere to cause a further 0.6C° rise. This can be described as a lag effect.
  • A 2C° rise in temperature is considered to be the tipping point beyond which a runaway greenhouse effect would ensue. Humankind would have no control beyond this point.
  • The world food shortage and species extinction time-bombs may already be ticking.
  • The recently discovered phenomenon of Global Dimming suggests that scientists may have underestimated the full effect of Global Warming. The tipping point of 2C° may have to be revised downwards.
  • A runaway greenhouse effect could be caused by a number of natural phenomena creating positive feedback loops in the earth climate system. The effect of any of these natural phenomena is to amplify global warming.
  • The Gulf Stream, the warm current responsible for the temperate climate of N Europe and the US is in danger of switching off. Already it is 10% smaller in size. This does not take into account the lag effect of more recent greenhouse gases which have yet to impact on ice sheets and sea temperatures.