Demonstrating Against the System

Support Key Campaigns

Supporting campaigns against government policies which turn a blind eye or even support Global Warming is the most important action of our time. In 10 years scientists predict that with increasing emission levels we will reach the tipping point, triggering a runaway greenhouse effect over which we will have no control.

Weekly "Climate Vigil" At The US Embassy

Other Campaigns

Sustainable Farms Replacing Tropical Forest Slash & Burn in Costa Rica.
Tropical ecologist Mike Hands has pioneered "Inga Alley-Cropping" as a way of sustainably farming deforested areas. Over 4000 farmers are awaiting seed support before they can abandon their slash and burn practices. When they do thousands of hectares of tropical forest will be saved every year. To find out more visit The Ecologist or to make a donation email Mike Hands
Enforcing the Law on Climate Change
Peter Roderick, Director of Climate Justice Programme (hosted by Friends of the Earth International) is a lawyer working closely with scientists, campaigners and legal experts to enforce laws to combat climate change. To get involved in campaigns visit Climate Justice or email Peter Roderick

Other Events

Walk To School Week is 23 to 27 May
Visit: I Walk To School
World Environment Day is 5 June
Visit: United Nations Environment Programme
Bike Week is 11 to 19 June
Visit: Bike Week
Green Transport Week is 11 to 19 June
Visit: Environmental Transport Association
European Car-Free Day is 22 September
Visit: European Mobility Week
Walk To School Week is 3 to 7 October
Visit: I Walk To School

Other Gatherings

Enjoy a summer break with likeminded others

The Big Green Gathering
The Big Green Gathering is an annual event. This year from 3rd to 7th August
The Resurgence Summer Camp
The Resurgence Summer Camp is an annual event. This year from 28th to 31st July at Green and Away (Europe's only tented conference centre) in Gloucestershire.