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Inspire Others To The Call

Climate Change is the most important issue of our time.

Our urgent request to you is to not stop at your own life changes but to explore ways to inspire others to the call.

85% of the British public would be prepared to change the way they live in order to lessen the impact on the environment
Source: BBC National Poll July 2004


  • Challenging environmentally unsound behaviour (e.g. unnecessary energy consumption) and advocating alternatives is an effective way of raising the climate-change issue whilst making others aware of their part in both the problem and the solution.
  • Recommending or emailing this website [] to others supports this process with accessible information about climate change and individual actions we can all take.
  • Putting your own Actions Pledge in a prominent place at home and at work is a useful first step in getting agreement from your family and colleagues at work.
  • Could you download the Actions Pledge flyer and post it on notice boards?
  • Put environmental concerns as a regular feature on the meetings agenda at work and with groups you're involved in. This keeps the issue at the forefront of discussions and action. Challenge people. Make environmentally unsound behaviour non-PC!
  • Recommend books and news articles. There are several links in the Climate Facts and Climate Newsweek pages. A transcript of the BBC 1 Horizon documentary on Global Dimming is available online.
  • Download or send off for the short climate documentaries from Rising Tide
  • Could your children be more involved? What about their friends? See Kids Action. And if you're a child, what about your parents and their friends? How about encouraging them to begin by calculating their Carbon Footprint?
  • Is there a Green Group at work or college? If not how about creating one? All it takes is you and a name!

If you have further ideas of ways to inspire action please let us know!