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Dry/Ice: Global Warming Revealed

by Drunvalo Melchizedek
What you are about to read is going to change your world forever...

Slouching towards Disaster [pdf]

by Michael Mccarthy - The Tablet 12/02/2005

Alarm At New Climate Warning

by Richard Black - BBC 26/01/2005
Temperatures around the world could rise by as much as 11°C, according to one of the largest climate prediction projects ever run.

Apocalypse Now: How Mankind is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth

by Geoffrey Lean - Independant 06/02/2005
Floods, storms and droughts. Melting Arctic ice, shrinking glaciers, oceans turning to acid. The world's top scientists warned last week that dangerous climate change is taking place today, not the day after tomorrow. You don't believe it? Then, says Geoffrey Lean, read this...

Antarctic Peninsula Glaciers in Major Retreat

by Fred Pearce - New Scientist 21/04/2005
Researchers' worst fears over the melting of Antarctica have been realised. The first comprehensive survey of glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula shows a widespread retreat that investigators from the British Antarctic Survey believe may be further evidence of global warming.

Researchers Develop Oxygen-Free Microbial Fuel Cell

Sci Tech Today 23/04/2005
US Researchers said Friday that they have developed a new electrically assisted microbial fuel cell that does not require oxygen, enabling bacteria to produce four times as much hydrogen directly out of biomass than can be generated typically by fermentation alone.