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Specimen Environmental Policy

Specimen Environmental Policy

Our primary objective is to harmonise the business activities of our organisation with sound environmental practice in keeping with all applicable environmental regulations

Such harmonisation shall be achieved by:
  • Integrating environmental considerations and where possible recognised best practice into all aspects of business operation
  • Ensuring that all assessments and decisions are made with consideration to the environment
  • Training and supporting our staff in behaving in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Recognising the need to conduct internal environmental reviews on a periodic basis
  • Encouraging open dialogue relating to environmental management and sustainable development with our clients whenever appropriate
  • Requesting suppliers and contractors to focus on and where possible evidence their own efforts to improve environmental performance

Specific Actions

Photocopying and Course Manuals:

  • Return of unused photocopies and manuals to the Bristol office where they will be reused or recycled
  • To reduce the volume of lesser used handouts prepared and not used, 1 copy only will go with handout pack, to be copied as and when necessary by the tutor rather than as a matter of course
  • Office to create as many two-sided copies of materials as possible (tutors to advise when not appropriate)

Recycling and Waste:

  • Recycling bins accessibly placed in all rooms where there is a workspace or where waste paper may be produced. Bins if possible to be supplied by a local company who also collects and reuses the waste
  • Shredding of waste which is energy consumptive to be limited to confidential documents only
  • Office to make a first choice purchase of recycled materials

Energy Consumption:

  • Lights and heaters to be turned off in unoccupied rooms
  • Computers to be powered down if they are to be left unused for a period exceeding one hour
  • Photocopier to be switched on as late in the day as possible and as with computers to be switched off at the end of the day

Equipment And Furniture:

  • Equipment to be purchased from suppliers with a validated Environmental Policy and track record of environmental awareness wherever possible
  • Furniture to be procured from manufacturers who utilise sustainable sources of raw materials


  • For all journeys car sharing should be considered and implemented in all possible cases
  • Encouragement is given for the use of public transport where possible, in particular for day trips
  • Overnight accommodation should be arranged where long commutes would be the alternative
  • Appropriate sequencing of clients should be considered to promote reduced business mileage


  • Priority to be given to environmental awareness meetings and training for all staff
  • There should be a general raising of awareness with clients and delegates on courses where appropriate

We seek to constantly improve our environmental management and be alert to potential problems, taking action and up-dating our stated policy whenever necessary in keeping with the ethos of our organisation

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