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Sponsor Rainforests

At this time of accelerating Global Warming, deforestation of tropical forests defies comprehension. It constitutes a crime against the Earth and future generations.

In 2003 tropical forests were destroyed at an incomprehensible 1 acre every two seconds. Today destruction continues unabated.

Forest felling to date has caused 1/5 of Global Warming.


Rainforest Concern
Rainforest Concern are actively involved in purchasing and replanting threatened rainforest habitat in the Choco-Andean rainforest corridor in North-West Ecuador, one of the world's biodiversity "hotspots" You can sponsor the purchase of 1 acre for just 25.
Focus Conservation
Focus Conservation are similarly active in purchasing threatened Jaguar forest habitat in the Pantanal, Brazil. You can sponsor an acre of land for just 20.
Sustainable Farms Replacing Tropical Forest Slash & Burn in Costa Rica.
Tropical ecologist Mike Hands has pioneered "Inga Alley-Cropping" as a way of sustainably farming deforested areas. Over 4000 farmers are awaiting seed support before they can abandon their slash and burn practices. When they do thousands of hectares of tropical forest will be saved every year. To find out more or to make a donation contact Mike Hands or visit The Ecologist
World Bank Alert
The World Bank have been aggressively negotiating with the Congolese Government to log 1/3 of the Congo rainforest this year. The Congo Basin is home to the largest and most bio-diverse rainforest in Africa. Felling will accelerate Global Warming, cause untold species loss and displace Pigmy tribes into shanty towns.

Please sign the Rainforest Foundation petition and add your signature against the World Bank and pass this information on to others.